Latest Registration: 7 February, 2018 - Contest Day: 10 March, 2018

The Math KANGAROO Contest 2018.

Save the Date!

Surya Institute for the Promotion of Science (SIPS) would like to invite Indonesian students to participate in the Math KANGAROO Contest 2018.
Save the Date! Saturday, March 10th, 2018

For register, please contact/email the Contact Person (CP) in your area.
Further information, please email to
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Event Schedules

The 2018 Math Kangaroo Contest

1JabodetabekSinarmas World Academy 10 March, 2018Surya Institute
2BandungBPK Penabur Holis 10 March, 2018Mr. Wiyardi
3YogyakartaSekolah Budi Utama 10 March, 2018Ms. Poppy
4SurabayaIPH School 10 March, 2018Mr. Wahyudi
5BalikpapanIMASO 10 March, 2018Mr. Tedy
6MakassarSekolah Athirah 10 March, 2018Mr. Hery
7KediriSMP Plus Rahmat 10 March, 2018Bang Jon
8BaliSekolah Lentera Kasih 10 March, 2018Mr. Hari
9TimikaYayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya 10 March, 2018Mr. Andreas Purwanto
10MedanPrimeOne School 10 March, 2018Ms. Esther
11TernateLPK Math Play 10 March, 2018Mrs. Effien
12PalembangParamount School 10 March, 2018Ms. Wulan
13ManadoSekolah Citra Kasih 10 March, 2018Ms. Maya
14PurwokertoSekolah Putera Harapan 10 March, 2018Ms. Melin
15PekanbaruSekolah Darma Yudha 10 March, 2018Mr. Roni

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